Eyelash Extensions Full Set

Indulge in the allure of captivating eyes with our mesmerizing Eyelash Extensions Full Set. Elevate your natural beauty as we artfully attach synthetic or natural fibers to your lashes, creating a fuller, more dramatic look that’s uniquely tailored to your desires. During your personalized consultation and treatment plan, our expert technicians will guide you in selecting the perfect length, thickness, and curvature that complements your facial features and enhances your natural charm. Choose from an array of options, including glam, ultra volume, classic, or a more natural style, ensuring you achieve the desired effect. Once you’ve experienced the magic of our Eyelash Extensions Full Set, maintenance becomes effortless. With only a fill appointment required every 6 weeks, you can enjoy the enchanting effects of alluring lashes without hassle. Transform your gaze and feel empowered with every flutter.

Eyelash Extension Removal

If you’re ready to give your lashes a break from extensions or want to switch to a new lash look, our expert lash technicians can safely and gently remove your existing eyelash extensions. During the 30-60 minute removal appointment, we first thoroughly cleanse the eye area to dissolve any remaining adhesive residue and oils from the lashes. We then use a specifically formulated adhesive remover to gently break down the bonds of the semi-permanent eyelash glue. With a delicate touch, your lash tech will comb through each lash and remove the attached extensions one-by-one to ensure complete removal while preventing damage to your natural lashes. We may also use steam, foam cleansers, or microbrushes if needed based on the extension type and adhesive used. Once removal is complete, we provide an nourishing lash enhancement treatment to condition bare lashes. This helps strengthen them and stimulate growth before your next lash application. We can also tint and lift natural lashes if desired to provide definition while taking a lash extension break. Proper, professional removal of eyelash extensions is crucial to prevent lash loss and maintain the health of your natural lashes for future applications. Trust our experienced technicians for a safe, comfortable removal experience.

Eyelash Lift

Get your lashes ready for their closeup with our eyelash lift treatment! This service creates the appearance of longer, fuller lashes by gently curling your natural lashes for a wide-eyed, youthful look. During the 60 minute lash lift service, we first cleanse and separate the lashes before applying our safe, gentle perming solution. Your lashes are then lightly lifted and set on curved rods to boost your natural curl. The effects last anywhere from 6-8 weeks. An eyelash tint can be added to enhance the results, darkening lashes for added definition. Tint colors are customized to complement your hair and skin tone. Benefits of an eyelash lift include: Longer looking lashes, A wide, eye-opening curl, The appearance of fuller, thicker lashes, No need for daily lash curling, Can be done on short lashes, Low maintenance compared to extensions. Give your lashes a lift with immediate results that last. An eyelash lift is perfect for special events, vacations, or everyday wear.

Eyelash Coloring

Enhance the natural beauty of your eyes with our eyelash coloring service. This semi-permanent treatment darkens and deepens the color of your lashes for added definition and accentuates your eyes. During the 30 minute coloring service, we’ll first cleanse the lashes to remove any makeup or oils. A personalized color is then brushed evenly onto your lashes to achieve your desired shade. The color develops and sets in 10-20 minutes. Our lash colors are designed to complement your hair color and skin tone. Shades range from soft brown to inky black. Results typically last 4-6 weeks before fading, though lashes grow out naturally. Benefits of lash coloring include: Darker, more defined lashes without mascara, Complements eyes for a bright, wide-awake look, Lashes appear fuller and longer, Enhances other lash services like lifts and extensions, Low maintenance, semi-permanent color

Brow Lamination

“Get sleek, defined brows that stay in place with our Brow Lamination service! This smoothing treatment uses a natural keratin solution to straighten and set each brow hair in place for a styled look that lasts.
During the 45-60 minute service, we brush a keratin-based lotion through your brows then use a micro-rod setter to neatly align the hairs against your natural brow shape. The lotion acts as a natural “”fixer”” for the brows. The setting lotion remains on for 10-15 minutes then is neutralized to lock in the shape. Your brows are tamed, polished, and perfectly defined! Benefits of Brow Lamination include: Straightened, aligned brow hairs, Longer lasting, consistent brow shaping, Defines the natural brow shape, Creates a full, fluffy brow look, Reduces need for daily brow grooming. Brow lamination is safe for all hair types and colors. The effects last 4-6 weeks before new brow hair growth appears. Get sleek, photo-ready brows in one simple service!”

Brow Coloring

Define your brows with color and symmetry using our professional Brow Tinting service. This semi-permanent treatment enhances and darkens your brows for a beautifully framed face. During the 30 minute tinting service, we first shape your brows for sharpened definition. A custom-blended dye is then applied to color and fill in the brows for added depth and dimension. Our brow tints are formulated to complement your natural brow color and hair tone. From soft brown to rich black, we’ve got you covered. The customized color develops in just minutes for gorgeous, tinted brows that last 4-6 weeks. Benefits of Brow Tinting: Darker, more defined brow shape, Creates fuller looking brows, Long lasting color between brow appointments, Complements other brow services like microblading, Low maintenance, semi-permanent color


Introducing the artful precision of Microblading – a cutting-edge tattooing technique and form of permanent makeup that will redefine your eyebrows with natural, flawless beauty. Using a small handheld tool crafted with delicate needles, our skilled technicians delicately implant semi-permanent pigment into the skin. The result is exquisitely defined eyebrows that perfectly complement your facial features. Microblading allows for the creation of fine, hair-like strokes that mimic the appearance of real eyebrow hairs, providing a remarkably natural and lifelike effect. Say goodbye to the hassle of daily eyebrow makeup routines and welcome the convenience of waking up to impeccably shaped and groomed brows. Our expert team at Transformative Wellness takes pride in understanding your unique brow goals and crafting a customized treatment plan tailored to your preferences. Experience the transformative power of Microblading and unveil the beauty of perfectly sculpted eyebrows that enhance your entire look. Discover the confidence that comes with flawlessly defined brows.