Get sleek, defined brows that stay in place with our Brow Lamination service! This smoothing treatment uses a natural keratin solution to straighten and set each brow hair in place for a styled look that lasts.

During the 45-60 minute service, we brush a keratin-based lotion through your brows then use a micro-rod setter to neatly align the hairs against your natural brow shape. The lotion acts as a natural “fixer” for the brows. The setting lotion remains on for 10-15 minutes then is neutralized to lock in the shape. Your brows are tamed, polished, and perfectly defined!

Benefits of Brow Lamination include:

  • Straightened, aligned brow hairs
  • Longer lasting, consistent brow shaping
  • Defines the natural brow shape
  • Creates a full, fluffy brow look
  • Reduces the need for daily brow grooming

Brow lamination is safe for all hair types and colors.

The effects last 4-6 weeks before new brow hair growth appears. Get sleek, photo-ready brows in one simple service!